GeriCare Indy is proud to have a select group of employees committed to excellence at every point of palliative care. Led by James D. Pike, D.O., our team includes experienced nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and administrative staff. Below is a list of our current medical providers:

  • Lindsay Epps
  • Tammi Roberts
  • Cherish Batts
  • Sarah Cherry
  • Melanie Rodewald
  • Brett Kotowski
  • Heather Foxworthy
  • Cassandra Farmer
  • Wendy Wright-Parker
  • PRN:
    • Elizabeth Brown
    • Brandi Foree
    • Amie Burns-Scharnke
    • Alicia Hensley
    • Leo O’Connor
    • Cheryl Sabens

The focus of the GeriCare Indy staff is to provide quality support and advanced health assessments for the patients of nursing and rehabilitation facilities. This includes the initial health examination upon admission to the facilities as well as individual patient health status, rehabilitation plan, and medication regime. GeriCare Indy staff also provide regular oversight for the daily care of patients such as lab and procedure recommendations, referrals to specialized care, and maintaining a continuing quality of life. Our extender model allows staff to concentrate on providing the highest quality care to our patients while maximizing our efficiency through effective team coordination. Through the use of technology and advanced health care practices, we have the ability to provide quality, advanced care 24 hours, 7 days a week. Finally, the GeriCare Indy staff endeavors to train facility staff on the latest, best practices for patient care. This in turn enables facility staff to make the best decisions for the patients and their families on an immediate basis. GerCare Indy prides itself on giving as much as it can to both patients and facility staff.

Physician Director:

  • James D Pike, D.O., FCCP, FACP

  • Nurse Practitioners:

  • See staff listing below